Space Queen – Crumble | Trichome Extracts

Strain Type: Hybrid – 50/50
THC: 5.73 %
THCA: 71.21 %
CBD: 0 %
STRAIN ORIGIN: BC Growers Association


Strain History

A cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99, Space Queen presents a wide array of phenotypes, all of which possess great potency and some variation of a fruity aroma.

The most sought after of these is a large, resinous, high yielding plant that smells of apples, vanilla and cherries, and has a delicious cherry taste when properly cured. Although it is a hybrid, Space Queen will give users an intense, trippy, speedy buzz that is characteristic of strong Sativas.

To me, the C99 linage is strong and well-known. Romulan however for me was a bit different. Looking around, legand has it that it was a guy named “Romulan Joe”, a Vietnam veteran is who many attribute the strain to. Was Joe an alien? Did Joe have an actual Romulan dent in his head, or was that simply how the strain made him and others feel? Can we put his name ironically on the side of a milk carton?

The strain is available in three distinct flavors: earthy, citrus and sweet.

Today’s Story:

Trichome Extracts. Man, I cant say enough good about these guys. Every single oil / crumble / sugar / sauce / gooey thing I have sampled has been outstanding. So outstanding in fact I’m starting to head straight to that section to see what else they may have in store for my brain today.

Today, I found two new samples just waiting for inhalation. That’s a good day. I’m starting my day with the Space Queen – I have a bit to do in my own garden today so the “uplifting” sales pitch has me giddy for tasting.

One other thing I had not mentioned yet about Trichome Extracts, their packaging is ‘human-openable’. No cuts, no scissors, no knife = no cuts.

8:30am – First cup of coffee down, time for some ‘research’.

Five Minutes:

Started with two nice nectar collector good and large cloudlike hits.

Oh, now now that’s a nice morning buzz. My head is uplifted and tingleish, my body with an excitement to getup and do something. For a couple seconds there an actual thought in my head was “I’m going to go over and dust that dirty thing” Dust? I cant tell you when that last spur-of-the-moment dust. Ha.

I’m looking forward to the |next part of my day. Though, for some reason I just put on Independence Day for a backdrop to my writing. Fucking Will Smith.

Time to drop some music on and get to something.

*note if you google Independence Day so you can grab the imbd link the first two results are for the original movie. The third is the Wikipedia entry for America’s Independence Day. 1776ish vs. 1996. Oh yeah, and Will Smith.

Fifteen Minutes:

Music is better than Will Smith. I dont know why this Space Queen had
me obsessed with WIll Smith, but I’m over it.

Drifting along happily now – just a mild uptick from 5 mins. I like a strain that can just come over and kick my ass right outa the box. Impressive Space Queen, I see why you are adored. Eyes a bit more droopy, head a bit more settled in and cranial.

Thirty Minutes:

Ready to head back for some more of this fantastic crumble. I’ve been busy for a while, yet when I sit I’m completely relaxed. Its a strange mix, but well worth continuing until later when I’ll go full on Indica brain.


I got a nice pineappleish taste on first draw, some hints of earth and some hints of berry that I didnt expect on the 2nd. Had a great ‘nose effect’ – I’d rate it a 8 –

8.5 on the nose scale.


A great long lasting energetic buzz that when continually consumed produces a super strong high.

I’ll be back for sure.




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