Recreational Store Review - Chimacum Cannabis


Building Style: Storefront, converted old farmhouse, historical building
Parking: Large off-street lot
ADA Accessible: Yes
Medical Sales: Yes


First Impressions

When you first drive up, the signs pointing into the driveway are clearly visible. A short drive from the main road and you are in private, off-street parking with plenty of places to put even large verticals. I haven’t pulled my big rig in yet, but it would fit without issue leaving plenty of space for others to navigate the lot.

The right side of the driveway holds a old house restored to its former beauty and then some while you are flanked on the left with the store itself. from the outside, both buildings are beautiful and inviting, beckoning you to come inside.


Overall Experience

The number one place to visit if you are in a 100 mile radius. The staff is outstanding – just try to stump ’em. The product quality is above par – these guys only bring in the healthiest / high quality / eco merchandise. The prices are amazing. Especially for a medical customer. If not, you’ll have a wide range of price points to choose from. The building is beautiful. I know you’ve looked at the photos by now, I don’t feel I need to elaborate much more. Long story short – it’s a must to visit, talk and learn a bit and head home happy with your purchase. Once you get home, you’ll probably write a review similar to this one.




Nice open floor plan, lots of space to move around, with the flower liking the walls and concentrates in a large walk-around display case in the center. At the counters you’ll find pre-rolls, eatables, tinctures, balms and just about anything else you can think of. A nice selection of pipes, bongs, vaporizers and parts and parts.


One of the best staff I have had the pleasure to work with in history, over several continents.

These people are sharp and nails and I have never been able to stump them with a reasonable question (and I ask a lot of them). No need to check a fact sheet to learn what, where. who and with what process these products were made.

Product Selection:

Pretty massive.

Return on Investment:

Huge. If you don’t know what you exactly want, ask them. Even if what you were sent home with was unfamiliar,  there is a better chance of you loving it than being disappointed.



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