Quartz Nectar Collector Tip | Manufacturer Unknown


Quartz tip, I wish I knew the manufacturer for a call-out, this thing is solid.


The Story:

While I was out doing a recycling run, I stopped over and had a talk with Kody, the owner over at Chimacum Cannabis the other day and noticed a quartz tip for a nectar collector on the table. It looked so dainty. So fragile. Turns out it would fit one of my rigs so we talked about it for a bit and he sent me home with ‘just the tip’.



Sleek, quartz and quite tipish.   Looks like it belonged on the Nectar Collector from jump. Gooooooood BYE titanium – in the bin forever now.


  1. Gets Hot
  2. Cools Down
  3. Draws air through it
  4. Cleans easy


First thing I did when I got home was grab some dabs of some sour purple and get to testing. I’ve dropped this thing over and over since then and man, its solid.

Was I ever glad I stopped by to see Kody! This thing hit like a dream, taste of pure yummy purness.

Final Thoughts:

I’ll never use another setup again until something better comes along. The quartz nail with the nectar collector is pure bliss for me. Drop some dabs in a small glass old oil container and head out to the woods. Maybe a waterfall. Maybe some snow. Maybe a nice view or two.




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