Punch House - Hash Rosin | Northwest Pearl

Strain Type: Indica
THC: 73.51%
THCA: – %
CBD: 0.10 %

Strain History

Completely unknown. I wish I knew. There is a possibility this is a ‘house blend purple punch’ but the packaging only had ‘House Punch”

I’ll ask the shop and if I get a definitive answer back I’ll update this section.

Today’s Story:

I was out doing some chores, you know, recycling / food / gas / propane / bird first and then it hit me – hash. I wanted some hash. Not some oil, crumble, diamond, rso or any kind of distillate, I wanted hash. I had a recommend from a few weeks back, but had no idea what it was by the time I was looking in the case. Luckily, the staff at Chimacum Cannabis was on had and as helpful as ever.

After looking through them all I got handed a glass container of ‘hash rosin’. I said “hash rosin’? I guess these guys drop some four star hash into a rosin press and, well, press it. Cool, another new technique I have yet to try. The result was pretty cool looking and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Plus, I hear this wont be available much longer, so it required a review.

I was in the mood for a Indica. I was in the mood for hash – I am now in heaven.

Five Minutes:

My method of consumption for this testing will be the nectar collector with the quartz tip. Reason being; it sounded fun, new ah what the hell.

Damn. That first hit has me spellchecking simple words as I type them (ex: type was just spelled tyuped) Outstanding aroma, perfect ‘Nose Effect’ *tm and I was high before I sat down. This is gonna be a nice trip. (cue playlist – longworkjams on random. First up Secret Signs) Nice.

Fifteen Minutes:

Oh yeah. How am I feeling? Perfect. Outside of maybe wanting some candy, I give zero fucks about anything that may have been just bothering me. Seizures feel completely at bay. Just drifting along with some coffee and a great mood running with this playlist. cares in the world. Now playing: As The Rush Comes Ha. Fitting.

Thirty Minutes:

OK, I couldn’t help it. I had another dab and fuck me.

Now, I’m not a lightweight by any means – ask around; I’ll put you under the table. Unless we are smoking this Hash Rosin. Then, and only then do you have a really, really good chance.

Not a care in the world. No pain, worry, anxiety, anything – but maybe I’ll have a pizza. Soundtrack: Edge Hill


I wish everything could go down as sooth and tasty as this Hash Rosin did. Amazing. Just amazing.


Perfect Indica couchlocking narcotic drifty high. Its a shame this wont be around for long. So, if you have the opportunity you should give this one a shot.

Strong recommend.



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